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Kourambiethes Almond Shortbread

Kourambiethes Almond Shortbread

Shortbread usually taste nice when it is served with tea or even with coffee. Kourambiethes almond shortbread taste epic and its taste is indescribable and the bonus thing about this recipe on easy desserts is how healthy it is. Almonds gives it crunchiness to the texture of the shortbread making the texture feel even better. On easy desserts soft texture short bread with nuttiness and nutrients bring a big smile to your face and make your whole day worth while. If you have tried this recipe and enjoyed it then feel free to leave a comment on easy desserts.

  • 1/2c almonds,Blanched
  • 1lb Unsalted butter,softened
  • 1lb Confectioners'sugar
  • 2Egg yolks
  • 3T Cognac
  • 1t Vanilla extract
  • 3c Cake flour
  • 1/2t Baking powder

  1. Heat oven to 350'F. Spread almonds in single layer on bakingsheet.
  2. Bake,stirring occasionally, until lightly toasted,about10minutes.
  3. Remove from oven; cool, then chop coarsely.
  4. Beat butter in large bowl of electric mixer on medium-high speed until very light and fluffy, 5 minutes.
  5. Add 3 tablespoons of the confectioners'sugar; continue beating 3 minutes.
  6. Add egg yolks, Cognac and vanilla; beat until smooth.
  7. Beat in almonds,flour and baking powder until mixed well. (If dough is too soft to handle, add additional flour.)
  8. Shapes cant tablespoons full of dough between palms into round balls or crescents. 
  9. Bake on ungreased baking sheets until set and very pale golden in color; 15 minutes.
  10. Remove cookies to cooling rack.
  11. Place remaining confectioners' sugar into sifter.While  cookies are still hot,sift confectioners'sugar over tops. 
  12. Repeat twice at 20-minutes intervals.

Photo by grongar

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